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Authority to Order Suspension

A teacher may suspend any student from his or her classroom for any of the acts considered grounds for suspension for the day of the suspension, and the day following. The teacher immediately reports the suspension to the school principal, and sends the student to the principal or the principal's designee for appropriate action. The principal's designee may include a vice-principal, counselor, teacher or other staff member.

A superintendent, principal or principal's designee may also suspend a student, after conducting an informal meeting or conference between the student and the teacher or school employee who referred the student. The informal conference may be held either at the school site or over the telephone. A principal or designee may suspend a student from school for a maximum of five consecutive days for any of the acts considered grounds for suspension.

Students may be suspended for a maximum of 20 days per school year.

Additional details about district employees with the authority to suspend students are outlined in District Procedure 6290